vizag campus quiz 2020


It is always a great time with most popular and well sought after QM   Giri Balasubramaniam. selection of questions as well as keeping the atmosphere live with bursting jokes are the assets in his quiver. First question Most of the students got a googly in the form of first question Vizag steel logo, they answered "steel plant".smile campaign for a biscuit brand , those who answered Britannia group face disastrous situation as Good day is the Brand.
James Wilson Introduced the concept of Income Tax in India, now we are facing problem with it, is from Giri's natural flow. Another one on TaTa's now they are producing cycles, started with Cars and doing  business in aeroplanes , what a circle.Question on The Wankhede Stadium , these cricket commentary words might be still ringing in your ears "... running from Garewalls to Tata's side.
Lastly, missed wit on Raj kundra question,quiz master waited for the additional information of  Identity  as Silpa shetty's husband. 


1) Vizag steel logo
2) Emmanuel inventor of plywood and his son Invented something
3) "smile"    more for a ----Good day biscuit
4) DVB fragrance--Beckham
5) sports logo- Quicksilver
6) Together is better-food logo Zomoto
7)  1898 hoo(Chinese phoenix)--Yamaha
8) British clothing , Michel and Thomas --Marks & Spencers
9) ICICI former head-KV kamath
10) chairman of Apollo hospitals-- Pratap reddy
11) MS gaming console--X-box
12) old spice logo
13) Dilbert comic strip
14) goal-line technologies,caairos technologies--Adidas football
15) 9.58 energy drink (flash ),,--- Ushan Bolt
16) Cambodia currency
17) Sakti kanta das   photo
18) BOB+Vijaya bank+........
19) Trujet( #truely friendly)--- Ram charan
20)  Description of  a cream for hair ( prem chopra in the Ad)- Vaseline 

wild card

1) French " beget' means bag.....Budget
2) Dean of famous university Nitin Nohria--HBS
3) WhatsApp owner--Facebook
4) Mohammed unish of Grameen bank-- Bangladesh
5) Padma vibhushan , "The life of a milkman"--Verghese Kurien
6) Tim cook twitter handle changed to Tim apple because of -- Trump thinks so  and

Tie -breaker

1) Tesla competitor--Faraday future


26 questions;  2 attempts allowed for two different teams  +50 or   -50

1) James Wilson- Introduced  in India--IT
2) Air Deccan logo
3) Bharata Ratna JRD Tata quotation
4) Richard Branson connect
5) Air New Zealand logo is shown
6) Stryder cycles-Tata
7) Ananta watches-Seiko
8) Insurance  logo- Max Bupa
9) Rafale Nader logo
10) Garware,Tatas, Bajaj, Bilimoria- wankedh stadium-
11) xerox- Chester Carlson
12) Indian finance govt insurance--"Heaven's light  our guide.--Oriental insurance-
13) Tupperware logo
14) Kitkat  ad
15) IRCTC virtual assistant-Disha; logo
16)  Mont blanc connection
17) P&G -teacher and Mahabharata--Guru charan Das
18)  logo shown, this bank is geographically located in Uk, but not in England; bank of......Scotland
19) logo of Sanjay Leela Bansal pictures
20) Raj Kundra's book
21) lifestyle chain Mumuso--South Korean
22) HBS case study  7 min cleaning Shinkansen story- employees of Bullet trains, turn around
23) Abishek Bachchan "Big B" title has been changed -a movie based on the life of Harshad Mehetha (big bull)
24) Syndicate bank+Canara bank
25) Tokyo 2020 Olympics statement envisages the medals made up of --Recycled electronics
26) Railway division in 1893; Cuttack, puri--waltair

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